Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation is a practice that uses temporary workers to fill short-term positions or that outsources work to other companies. Employing temporary workers allows you to avoid the hiring process and the burdens of additional payroll duties. Outsourcing lets you take advantage of a subcontractor set up to perform certain tasks or activities.

Companies may decide to use a staff augmentation plan to avoid expanding their current operations. If you choose to hire more employees, you will incur costs for the floor space needed for these individuals to work and complete projects. You’ll also have increased salary and benefits costs.


In terms of training methodology, Databi Solutions being one of the best corporate training companies endorses a unique and highly successful approach to training provision compared to other training companies in Bangalore i.e. Developer to Developer Training. We convey leadership skills, personal development, soft skill development, team building, communication skills, Time and Stress Management, Assertiveness Training, Supervisory Skills and much more through our training. We offer individual Management Coaching Services, Conflict and Anger Management, and Organizational Development. All of our training is intended to build skillful and dynamic workforce and prepare themselves for any business challenges. We develop your professional skills and performance. These corporate training also integrate proven best performs into business processes and convey surplus training capital into core business solutions. Under this highly innovative and practical oriented program, our professionals deliver the comprehensive training sessions to all relevant client stakeholders. Our concentration is to provide valued technical solutions, business assistance, and ideas that can promote your skill set, lower the barriers to productivity, enhance profits, motivate people, expand creativity, and raise the performance in your workplace. We have solutions that will improve the skills and broaden the capacity of your human capital and workforce, be it specific technical training or professional development. We continually work with you to improve the short and long-term potential of your workforce.

Our Staff Augmentation Offerings

Permanent Staffing

Databi’s permanent staffing solutions give you access to fully screened and qualified candidates in any industry of your choice. We have a 150 member strong team of consultants who dedicate themselves to helping your company achieve its business objectives. Our process is foolproof and ensures that we offer our clients the best candidates at any level, with the fastest turnaround time.


We have developed the “Hire, Train & Deploy” model as part of our ongoing commitment to providing cost-effective skilled talents that help our clients deliver world class projects efficiently. This program is specially designed for our valued customers who have special needs for their new staff to be trained in specific areas before they come on board.

Contract Staffing

We offer trained technical resources with appropriate professional expertise for you to optimise your project staffing. Our experts are available for contracting on flexible ‘Time and Material (T&M)’ billing terms. You can also absorb our experts into your organization on attractive ‘contract-to-hire’ terms.

We will work with you to

  • Assess employee skill needs.
  • Define targeted training requirements.
  • Deliver highly efficient and quality assured educational programs.
  • Satisfy your requirements for customized schedules, content, and location.
  • Establishing a Training Function that works with the training personnel to build some standards in order to deliver flexible and effective training.
  • Develop a Strategic Plan that helps align the training program with the rest of the organization goals.
  • Efficient training coordinator who designs and formats the course and updates the curriculum regularly to deliver the best education.
  • Highly skilled instructors with more than 10 years of experience in the latest technologies.

Exemplary and Practical programs associated with case studies and real time examples.

Program Variety – Wide range of Technical and People skill programs.

Proven Effectiveness – consistently delivering high standard work.

Work centric courses that align with the organizational goals.

Guaranteed courses, which are validated for quality at regular training audits.

Experienced Faculties/instructors.

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