How to prepare for an apptitude round of an interview

Wanna conquers the Interview then choose your weapon wisely! It all begins with a razor sharp aptitude. All know the syllabus, but only few cracks the Interview Round. Only the best candidate who start preparing earlier will grab the jobs. What’s the difference? Well, in this article is all about how to prepare well for an aptitude test for an Interview.

Tips for clearing the Aptitude Round

Try these 11 sure shot tips for clearing the aptitude round in the Interview


  • Early Preparation – Almost all IT companies follow same rounds for Interview. Mainly it is the combination of Aptitude round followed by Group Discussion and HR Round. So, start your preparation from your early days of Interview. Prepare at least 2 months before Interview.
  • Know Your Subject & Make a Note
    – It is advisable to know what topics are covered in an aptitude test. Try to make notes on it. The important topics are Number system, Equations, Ratio and Proportion, Percentages, Profit and Loss, Time and Work, Time speed Distance, Areas and Mensuration, Averages, Permutations and Combinations, Probability, Plane geometry, Seating Arrangements, Sets, Progressions. Learn tricks to solve problem to save your time.
  • Choose 2-3 Subjects at a Time
    – Don’t be too slow to handle 1 topic at a time. Choose 2-3 Topics at a time to save your preparation time. Try to combine the similar topics before solving.>
  • Time Management
    –Time management plays a crucial role in any Interview. Don’t waste your time on solving the hard questions. Try to solve the easy one first.
  • Rely on Multiple Books
    –Don’t rely on one book. Solve questions from multiple books to test your knowledge, ability and timings.
  • Be wise while solving
    – Time factor matters a lot. So be wise while solving the questions.
  • Practice! Practice!!
    – Try to solve previous years questions online as well as offline. Track and measure your results.
  • Set the Goal
    – Prioitize your goal. Your focus should be clear the interview, not to get full marks in aptitude. So, solve easy questions and get the cut of marks to pass the aptitude round.
  • Sleep Well
    – It is advisable to sleep and eat well one night before going to the Interview. It will help you to start a fresh day.
  • A Piece of Advice is Always Helpful
    – Discuss and take advice from the people who clear the aptitude round. It will help to narrow your subject topic.


Now if you really want to grab the job and need expert help, you have to take one step further. Join the best Aptitude Test Course and get the confidence to clear the first hurdle of your Interview round. Crack interview round and give them a good reason to choose you from the rest.