Most Common lies people tell on a Resume

Resumes today are becoming less effective though they play a major role in hiring a candidate in the corporate world. Of-course, resumes may look good and make great promises, but they are rife with embellishments.


Almost 80% of the resumes are intentionally misleading, misleading about every possible aspect of employment history. I have framed down some of the most common lies in order of appearance…

  • Hiding Employment Gaps
  • Fake College degrees
  • Experience embellishment
  • Claiming higher salary from previous jobs
  • Language proficiency


According to a source, 35% of people admit lying on a resume. It may seem an understated number, when i say that 70% of recent graduates say they would lie on a resume to get the job they want.

zamzar (2)

‘Trust the resume’ when hiring is the traditional method which we follow, but how could you know the performance of the candidate after couple of months or an year! Finding extraordinary candidates from the piles of resumes sitting on your desk is almost impossible. But the facts show that those extraordinary candidates are applying to your company.

The good news is most of the leading companies have discovered the solution for this. As hiring managers and recruiters are becoming more aware of the countless ways the candidates lie, they are becoming more savvy in the hiring process by using social media and psychometric testing.

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The stats have shown that by using social media and psychometric testing candidates have a lesser chance of lying to get a job. The few benefits of testing are…

  • More productive workforce
  • Reduced turnover cost
  • Better predictor of job performance
  • Increased employee retention

Resumes are being expelled by other variables and factors thus doing away with the lies and getting actual skills and abilities of the applicant.

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