The New Emerging Way of Marketing

One of the reasons I am very much passionate about the marketing industry is the anticipation of changes, and ability to explore with new marketing strategies and efforts.

1.Switch from outbound to content marketing

In the past, it was sufficient to highlight your service or product and the hundreds of fabulous features and capabilities. Nowadays, you have to increase value to your brand and product/service with content that instructs and establishes you as an expert. It might scare you to change to an inbound format that teaches and sustains your prospects. Content marketing can be frightening to adopt because it relies on your mastery and puts the ball in your prospects court.

Interestingly, content marketing is appeared to drive more traffic and leads than outbound promoting. As per Demand metric content marketing generates as many as three times more number of leads than outbound marketing.

2.Interactive content


As content marketing ascends in prevalence, pushing through the clutter is turning out to be increasingly difficult for all of us. However we know we can make differentiate ourselves from the pack, we can be reluctant to make our basic content more exciting and interactive. Interactive content can attract more attention to your messaging while expanding your engagement on powerful social networking destinations. Quizzes, ROI calculators and interactive infographics can help you pass on your brand’s story in a more dynamic manner.

As a bonus, interactive, eye-catching, fun content can draw the attention or industry publications in addition to the attracting prospects. As a result, you can broaden your range and continue driving traffic and high quality links to your website and blog

3.Embrace up-and-coming social networking channels

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While there remains a place for Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, new social media channels will allow you to reach people in new and exciting ways. Additionally, new channels allow you to explore more innovative strategies of telling your stories and conveying who you are.

Instagram, Instant Articles on Facebook, and snapchat Stories provide companies and even expertise a channel to examine and target specific groups and audiences. As new and exciting social media channels are regularly an incredible place to advance to promote the interactive content discussed above.

4.Developing content for real people, not for algorithms


As a marketer, you may have gotten in the propensity of creating and developing content that will highlight your company, blog or ideas at the top of the web indexes or search engines.

Nowadays you must stride out of your crate and think about your content in the context of your reader’s desires, stresses, worries and needs.

While SEO is still essential, don’t be afraid to put your gathering of people and their needs and wants first and consider your page rank secondarily.

Rather than using keywords to draw more web traffic from search engines and their algorithms, use keywords to highlight your focuses and attract readers in by providing information that is significant to your audience.

5.Repurpose and reuse your top content


Even your loyal readers may not see your content first. It could take several touches and various channels to get through to them. Try reposting your top blog posts with refreshed titles

Need more traffic? Automate that repurposed and refreshed content for periods when it’s important or for different days or times to attract new readers who might not have connected the first time around.

As per Curata, only 29% of marketers are repurposing/reusing content, which implies many marketers are only putting their informing in front of their audiences one time, they are missing out on valuable clicks, engagement  and impressions.

As the Digital industry is growing rapidly it is necessary for the organizations to adopt the latest strategies and trends. We at Databi keep ourselves updated with latest trends and happening in the industry and implement strategies for our clients.

Looking to implement a marketing strategy for your organization or a brand!! You are at the right place. Send us your requirement and we will be back with an unique strategy based on your organizations goal.